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activate the deactivated Zoho mail account

How to activate the deactivated Zoho mail account

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  • 11 August 2017

Steps to activate the deactivated Zoho Mail account

Zoho mail latest advanced features which enables easy access to emails and also swift email sending features. The mails can be checked from a unified interface which includes the Zoho account as well as the existing POP account. While sending messages from the personal account in sync with the recipient; users can alter the ‘From’ email ids while sending the messages. Zoho email account has personalized email features and user can customize the settings easily. There are various templates to choose from in the email account and also there is the feature of advanced search.


Now there are instances where the user needs to deactivate the Zoho mail account. If the users have shifted to other business units they need to deactivate the user account after transferring the ownership of the records to other users. Keep in mind that deactivation is totally different from account deletion. When the account id deactivated then user cannot access the CRM account and also they will not able to log into the service using the deactivated ID. Using the same user license, other user account can be created and also user can active the inactive Zoho mail account.


Here are the steps to activate an de-activated account –


  • First login to Zoho CRM with Administrator privileges.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Setup’.
  • Next choose ‘User & Control’ followed by ‘User’.
  • Select the option ‘Active Users’ in the users page.
  • In the ‘Active users’ section click on ‘Edit’.
  • Click on the checkbox against the user wants to activate the user.
  • User account is activated now and user can login to the account.

Facing any kind of trouble in activating the inactive Zoho mail account? Don’t worry and contact the technical experts over Zoho mail technical support number. Support professionals provide instant solution to various Zoho email account issues with latest solutions to advanced technical problems. As the technical team is so well trained it is better to contact the experts for all type of email troubles. Dial the helpline number any time and get the instant support for the email account.

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