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How do i add a wireless printer to my macbook pro?

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  • 24 April 2020

Method of adding your Wireless printer to your MacBook pro:

Today, the usage of the paper has been lessened, and the prices of the printers have dropped. But this does not drop the importance of the printers as physical documents are still sent, and many businesses are there who prefer a hard copy of the invoices. There are still photos that need printing. Not only this, but shipping labels, concert tickets as well as boarding pass are also print.

Add your wireless printer to your MacBook:

To use the printer, you need to first connect your printer with your Mac. Some users question, “How to connect MacBook to Printer wirelessly?” To get the answer to this, you need to follow the process that we are mentioning below.

  • Find the name of the printer that you need to add on the label affixed to the printer only.
  • Then, you have to click on the Apple menu that you will find in the upper-left-hand on the screen and choose system preferences. Now, click on printers and scanners.
  • Then, click on +sign to add a printer and then on IP. In the Address: field. Now, fill in the full name of the printer.
  • The dropdown will appear where you have to select the correct drivers for your printer model.
  • Click on add to continue.
  • To rectify the error “Unable to verify the printer on your network”, click on cancel and go to the previous step.
  • A box of the option will pop-up and then the icon that will look like your printer.
  • Now, click on OK if you have made the changes.
  • You can click on +button to add more printers.

This is how you can connect your printer to MacBook. You can contact the customer support for further queries.

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