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How to Create TELUS Email Account

  • Admin
  • 22 November 2018

TELUS webmail is a very useful and popular platform. Telus allows you to manage your telus.net email account which you can do from any device which you are currently using like mobile, tablet, laptop etc. So, on your device of use like a computer, Laptop, Smartphone or tablet you can easily use Telus email account. You simply require the internet access for this and you are ready to use Telus email. You should also know what all you can do with your TELUS account. Well, you can do multiple things with TELUS email account on any of your device which you are using. You have the option to view and pay bills through your TELUS account. You can also manage TV channels through this. You also have the option to get Travel choices all the time. If you want you can update your plan also at any point in time you want or whenever you need to do so. You can also do many other things easily if you have TELUS account.

Now the question is how to create Telus email account? You can create Telus email account by following few easy steps. You can follow below given steps to create your Telus email account.

1.       First step is to login to your Telus internet account.

2.       After that you have to select My Profile.

3.       After that see there is section Home Services Profile section. From this section you can select Manage your Home Services on the Classic site.

4.       After that you have to select Telus High Speed from Products and services section.

5.       Then select View details/modify.

6.       Now you will see your existing telus.net email from the Email boxes.

7.       You can now activate your email account and for password you can contact Telus and get your initial password.

Once you receive your password you can access your Telus email by going to webmail.telus.net. So, simply follow above mentioned steps and create your Telus email account.

TELUS email technical support

Telus webmail is a well known and very famous email service provider. There are millions of users who are using Telus webmail not just in one part of the world but across the world. This is because Telus works works absolutely well on all the platforms you use which include platforms like windows, Iphone, Ipad and other devices. So you can also use Telus webmail quite easily for various purposes. But you need to know the truth that when you use it for your advantage you may face some issues with your telus webmail account sometime as well. For example you may face the issue of not being able to set up your telus webmail account on the device you are using. If this or other kind of technical problem occurs with your Telus email account and you face any technical glitch which you are facing with Telus webmail account, then you can seek best Telus email technical support. If you want solution quickly for the issue you face on phone then you can dial the number for Telus webmail technical support also which is available 24/7. So whenever there is technical issue with your Telus you can feel free to get Telus email technical support and get the solution to all the technical glitches that you are facing with your telus webmail account.

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