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How do i recover deleted photos from Google Photos?

  • Admin
  • 4 May 2020

Get simple advice to recover deleted photos from Google Photos

Google offers amazing features and services to store multiple images and videos on Google Photos without any kind of interruption. It allows you to store and deleted the photos but you can retrieve them from the trash file and folder. But when you remove any photo from Google photos permanently, you should learn the proper way to recover whole deleted photos from Google Photos at any time. Google photos always get in touch with your phone’s camera and it saves the file on Google Photos automatically.  

So if you want a solution but getting confused and don’t have any clue to recover deleted photos from Google Photos, you are on the best page to learn the simple steps provided by a tech support team with ease.

Following are the ways to recover your photos from Google photos:

  • At first, access the Gmail account on your Android phone and then go to the Google Photos app.
  • Go to the top and then tap on the menu trash file where you can select the photos that you have deleted.
  • You can touch and hold the photos and then check out all photos and videos that you want to restore.
  • Go to the Additional tab and then select the restore button and then click on the recovery option and then go to the gallery.
  • You can see the photos and then save them at the appropriate place on your phone at the end of the task.

If you miss some of the photos and failed to recover them, you can go to the search bar to find but if you are unable to get them, you should contact our tech support team that is available to help at any time.

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