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Resolving Roku HDCP Unauthorized error:+1-802-613-0131 Purple Screen

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  • 27 March 2020

What is "HDCP Unauthorized Roku error" and How to fix it?

Are you looking for information about what is HDCP Unauthorized Roku error? Here you will learn what exactly this error is, and the solutions to fix it. The full form of HDCP is high bandwidth digital copy protection, which is the latest technology used to connect various digital devices via HDMI. HDCP Unauthorized Roku error occurs when HDMI cable is not able to support the protection technology for copy and content. The television screen also turns purple when this error occurs. Further, you will gain full knowledge about the causes following HDCP Unauthorized Roku error and also some techniques to fix it.

Reasons behind Roku HDCP Unauthorized Error i.e Purple Screen Error:

  • Defective HDMI cable may be the reason for the occurrence of HDCP Unauthorized Roku error.
  • The device you are using to stream videos via Roku player is not supporting HDCP.
  • Roku player is not able to connect properly.

Here is the solution to Fix this Roku Issue:

 1- Turn TV and Roku player off

The first thing you can do to troubleshoot HDCP Unauthorized Roku error and resolve the purple screen problem is to turn off your television. Follow the steps given below to fix HDCP Unauthorized Roku error:

  • First of all, detach HDMI cable from your TV and Roku player
  • Then turn off your TV and unplug the power cord
  • Pull out the power cord from the Roku player too
  • Now attach both the ends of HDMI cable to ensure a firm and secure connection
  • Then turn on TV and Roku player both by reconnecting them to the power cord
  • Let both the devices open properly and then try to play the video once again

 2- Change HDMI cable

HDMI cable can be the main reason behind the HDCP Unauthorized Roku error so you can try to fix it by changing the cable you are using previously. Follow the enlisted steps to fix  Roku error HDCP Unauthorized by replacing HDMI cable:

  • Replace the HDMI cable you are using on the TV
  • Connect Roku player and TV directly if you are using HDMI before
  • You can also use another TV in case it is possible to do so
  • Use another device for video streaming like a computer monitor
  • Change the display settings of your Roku player
  • Ensure that your TV supports HDCP if the error has occurred the first time

3- Restart Roku

If still HDCP Unauthorized Roku error is not fixed, then restart your Roku player with the help of steps given below:

  • First of all, unplug the power cord of the Roku player
  • Then wait for 10 seconds and plug in Roku player again
  • Then turn on the Roku player by pressing the button
  • Now wait for a minute and then try video streaming again

This way, you can fix the Roku error HDCP Unauthorized undoubtedly. For more help, dial the call center phone number of Roku providing technical support to the customers.

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