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Vudu Password Reset: How to reset/change vudu password?

  • Admin
  • 13 May 2020

How do I reset the Vudu password? Reset Vudu password

Vudu is one of the American digital video store services whose parent organization is Walmart. It provides transactional video in demand and the digital purchase of films. In order to stream all its services, the user needs to have an account of Vudu. But many times users also end up forgetting the password, so below are the simple steps if a person needs to reset the password of Vudu

How to do the Vudu password reset?

Password reset can be a pretty simple task, in order to perform follow the below-given procedure

  • The initial step is to open the browser and go to the official website of Vudu
  • Scroll down on the web page and there will be section of login, enter the email address there with password in order to press enter
  • Once you have entered the Email address there will be the option of forgot password, tap on that
  • You will be soon prompted to the recovery page where there will option through which you want to recover the account.
  • Click on one of the options and soon Vudu will send you the verification on chosen selection
  • Note that verification code and enter that code on the field provided on screen and press Enter.
  • Now the user needs to enter the new password twice and choose to save changes.
  • All the changes will be saved now user can log in again and stream all the shows. Note that the password should be minimum id 8 characters.

These were the following ways through which the user can do Vudu password reset, for more details go to its website or call the toll-free number of Vudu in order to speak to the representative and ask for all the queries, they will help you in every way out.

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