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How to Fix Roku Error Code 018:+1-802-613-0131| Slow internet issue

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  • 27 March 2020

Check out How to resolve Roku error code 018:

Roku is among the popular video streaming devices in the world. It has the most advanced features which make it more effective with the finest results. The main work of a Roku device is to stream internet content, which required a good speed of internet.

Get info about error code 018 in Roku:

As Roku is dependent on the internet, it requires perfect internet speed for streaming. There are times when a user faces the issue of slow internet which makes it difficult for the device to get connected to the network. When the internet speed is slow, the Roku device detects the issue and displays an error message with the code. If a user wants to know how to fix Roku error code 018, troubleshooting steps can be followed:

  • The first and basic step is to check internet connectivity. It can be checked on the smartTV and Roku device.
  • The wireless connection should be checked by adjusting the antennas of the router or increasing the signal strength.
  • In case, the wireless connection is not working, try using an ethernet cable for connecting the Roku device with the router.

Some common error messages due to poor internet:

Here are some of the common error messages due to poor internet connection in Roku:

  • Unable to connect Wireless network: This error comes up when the user is trying to connect the Roku device to the internet but unable to build a connection.
  • Not connected to the internet: While streaming the videos, if the internet connection is lost, this error is displayed.
  • Loading please wait: If the user is trying to launch a channel and network connection is lost, the error message of loading please wait is displayed.

Resolve error code 018 in Roku:

Below mentioned are the steps that help in resolving Roku error code 018:

  • The first step is to check if the internet connection is working properly and the router is receiving signals from the ISP. 
  • Then, test the working of the internet by browsing the web page. 
  • After that, check the name of the network to which a Roku device is connected. 
  • Now, check the strength of the signals if a Wi-Fi connection is there. 

Some more tips on how to fix the error:

  • Verify that the credentials of the wireless network are correct.
  • If the internet is still slow, try restarting the device and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Try reconnecting the Roku device to the wireless network of the user.
  • When wireless is not making any difference, try using an ethernet cable for a wired connection.
  • Rebooting the router might resolve the issue.

For any help, the technical support of Roku can be contacted. The executives will resolve all the issues and provide assistance for a better experience. The details to contact the Roku support team are provided on the Roku website

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