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Zoho is a free email service provider. Zoho aims at business solutions service. Zoho is clean and ad free. Zoho offers lot of features for enterprise users. Zoho offers free services to individuals and paid services to enterprises. Because Zoho is a huge company and understands that user faces issues from time to time so user can dial Zoho Toll Free Number, Zoho Helpline Number, Zoho Customer Service Number or Zoho Technical Support Number 24/7.

How to create Zoho Email account?

Creating Zoho email account is easy. Follow these steps and you would be able to create Zoho Email account easily.

1.First you login to www.zoho.com/mail as Admin or Super Admin

2.Now you have to click on Control Panel and then you have to select User Details.

3.Now choose and click Add user from the upper menu.

4.Now you have to enter your Name – First name and the last name.

5.Then decide and enter your User name in the User name field and then choose domain name from the drop down list.

6.Then you need to enter password for your account. Password should be of minimum 8 characters.

7.Then at last you have to click on OK to finish the process and create your Zoho Email account.

How to recover Zoho Account Password?

In case you forget or lost your Zoho Account Password then you should not bother much. You can recover Zoho Account Password easily by following these steps. Admin can reset password for users and user can reset his own password and Admin can reset password for himself also.

Follow these steps to recover Zoho Account Password.

1.Enter the Sign in to your Zoho Mail account page.

2.Then click on Forgot Password link.

3.When you click on Forgot Password Link then you will be redirected to Zoho Accounts page.

4.In the Zoho Accounts Page you have to enter registered Email Id which you mentioned in Account information. Then Image Text field enter the code as seen in the given picture.

5.Then you have to click Request. When you click on Request you are sent an automated email to your Email Id.

6.In your mail you would get a link. You click the link given and you are redirected to Zoho Accounts Password Reset page.

7.In this page of Password Reset you have to enter new password.

8.Then you click on Change.

Then your new password is updated and you are ready to use this password to log in to your Zoho Account. This is how you Recover your Zoho Account Password.  

How Do I Contact Zoho?

How can you Contact Zoho? You can contact Zoho 24/7. You can dial Zoho US number +1(888) 900 9646. You can dial Zoho UK number +44 (20) 35647890. You can dial Zoho Australia Number +61-2-80662898. You can dial Zoho India number +91-44-67447000.

Need of Zoho Customer Support by Phone number?

If you are facing any issue and need Zoho Customer Support by Phone number then feel free to dial Zoho Phone numbers for customer support. Our Zoho Customer Service Specialists would help you always to solve your issues and queries.

Zoho Toll Free number

Feel free to dial Zoho Toll Free number 1-888-302-0444 and get connected to Zoho Customer Service team and get the solution to your issues and queries.

You can also dial Zoho Helpline Number, Zoho Customer Service number or Zoho Technical Support Phone Number 24/7.

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